Hunter Application

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Hunter Application

Post  Fnk on Sun Feb 10, 2008 9:13 am

+ Character information.

- Name: Fnk
- Class: Hunter
- Professions: Eng / LW
- Talent Spec (Armory/Wowhead): (this is my PvP Spec, since i have no guild at the moment)
- Armory profile (or anything else to show us your Gear):
- Epic flying mount? : Not yet
- Any Special information that we need to know about your char: active member once was in outcast, looking for more progress and thirst for raiding

+ Raiding Information.

- How many days a week can you play? And what hours? (server time): everyday from 19:00 till midnight (sometimes 3:00)
- MH/BT Attuned? (y/n what vial do you need?): N
- Decent Computer - able to run WoW with LITTLE lag?: with no log
- Decent Internet - VERY FEW disconnects?: 20mb virgin-media connection
- Are you willing to respec by request of your Class Leader? : of course
- Do you have the Vashj Vial part for MH attunement? : No, didn't have the chance
- What's Your PVE experience? ( include pre-TBC): ZG - MC - BWL - AQ(20/40) - Kara - Gruul - Mag
- Will you be active on the forums? (And join in discussion of tactics, class specs, items etc.): Of course

+ Personal Information

- Age: 19 (dob 1988)
- Location: England - Newcastle Upon Tyne
- A short passage about yourself: Active - respective - Fast learner
- Previous MMORPG experience: Ragnarök Online, Lineage 2
- Previous guilds (include reasons for leaving): Outcast, Guild disband for lack of Tanks and Healers also most of the members left and rerolled Horde
- Reasons for wanting to join Dawn: I've heard that Dawn has a good and respective players and a nice progress on PVE

Note : if i miss any more question please tell me Smile
p.s : both spec and gear is pvp, however i have a pve gears



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hmm huntorz

Post  Bh on Tue Feb 12, 2008 7:21 am

dono if we need anymore hunters but GL with apply

<3 big bad (happy to be laggy) bear


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