Antioxygene - Mage

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Antioxygene - Mage

Post  Antioxyg on Wed Dec 10, 2008 3:46 pm

I. About My character.
Character name : Antioxygene
Class :Human-Mage
Current/Preferred spec : Current spec Frost For Leveling, I can Play also as fire and arcane!
Familiar specs : i have Xp at all mage specs, i will be, what i need to be for the guild
Profs : When I ding 80 i will get Mining and Engineering (will go 450)
Other noticeable characters : I have 70 rogue at twillights hammer, 70warlock at lightings blade, 70hunter at twillights hammer!

II. About myself.
Location : Greece, Athens
Age : 19 Years old
Gender : Male
Attitude : Polite, helpfull bla bla bla Razz
Previous xp :aoe3, css (we were second best team in greece)

III. About your game.
Attendance and activity : Whanever i have to be online i will, activity -> 100%
Former guilds : I have Join Many HardRaiding Guilds in Lightings blade/ Twillights hammer we were at black temple near top5 guilds!(I never left anyguild, we always were friends.. migrating or disbanding and remaking Razz)
Plans and goals in game : Good Gear, have Fun, Help people, be happy Razz

Some thinks about me: My main server is twillights hammer were all my irl are. After Black temple we had a pause till wotlk was out..! Woltk Came/Rised Razz but as you understand Work and Uni had a small prio than wow so i couldnt start wotlk at the start(sadly). Anyway at 6th December i went and i bought Wotlk. I decided to change server with my mage (as he was alt) and i aimed to lvl him 80 first once i like mages most as dpser.! I did a free transfer from Twillights hammer to Auchindoun and here i am.. 70-76 in 1day and 17hours played(i started playing wow i think at 8th or 9th december) and omw to 80 in a few days.. i am looking foward to join a good guild, thats why i did that move at Dawn. I learned you from the forums were dawn are first in the Guild lists alliance, not as progress but as a guild! i have spoke with some of you dawn members everyone looks polite, Auchindoun is a nice server with good people:)

Anyway, I hope you havent slept on your keyboard after my story:)
See you hopefully ingame guys and thanks for your time

Have fun /smile!

(Sorry for my English language it sucks)


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Re: Antioxygene - Mage

Post  Cramos on Sat Dec 13, 2008 4:58 am

Good luck with your aplication mate Very Happy

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