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Post  monkeygi on Tue Sep 23, 2008 11:12 am

I. About your character.
Character name: monkeygirl
Class: mage
Current/Preferred spec: frost 0/8/53
Familiar specs: was fire till 70, willing to respec, but dont have fire gear atm
Profs: 375 enchanting, 375 tailoring frozen shadoweave spec
Attunements and keys: kara key, HC keys
Other noticeable characters: leveling a warrior for a tank, currently around lvl 30

Pls care to link your armory profile.

(in case you catch me in pvp gear - 1006 frost damage unbuffed, 189 hit, 18% crit)

II. About yourself.
Location: Croatia
Age: 23
Gender: male
Attitude: calm, respectfull
Previous xp: been playing wow since TBC, no previous mmo experience

Add some words about yourself if you like.
I'm a student on my final year at college, so i have lots of free time, except when my girlfriend gets a hold of me Smile

III. About your game.
Attendance and activity: free most of the day and every evening except saturday, and the ocasional poker game or going out with friends
Former guilds: high rank in Balkan Fellowship, left because players were imature and guild was not progressing
Plans and goals in game: i'd like to see all the instances and encounters, gear is not a priority to me


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