Application by Resto Druid

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Application by Resto Druid

Post  whispiri on Fri May 09, 2008 7:11 pm

Character name: Whispirit
Class: Druid
Current/Preferred spec: Resto
Familiar specs: Started as balance, repecced to hybrid Feral/Resto, now full resto, love it.
Profs: Herbalist, Alchemist Master of Elixirs
Have only other low level characters

my gear I have had to rustle up on my own, only been lvl 70 a short while

Location: London UK
Age: 25
Gender: Female
Attitude: Helpful, Sensible, Team player
Previous xp.. loads of pc games since 10 years old
I am from South Africa

Attendance and activity: log on almost everyday, mostly evenings, weekends unless I am ill or have special occasion on, am very keen to start kara and raids (i lvled 60-70 thru instance runs one after other as resto).. and i stay till the end, hate unfinished runs Razz
Former guilds: Intruders (magtheridon) left because I was very badly, personally attacked and insulted in guild chat by a member and gm defended them over me; Bear Patrol which moved from Mag and shrank, I was deputy GM, but the high ranks left to join ROJ, who I have had bad experience with :S; Heroes of the Alliance, was inv to be geared up as kara healer, but no action, and trouble getting groups.


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