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Post  Royalelf on Thu Feb 26, 2009 2:48 pm

Provide the following information in the application section of this forum.

I. About your character.
Character name: Royalelf
Class: Druid
Current/Preferred spec: Restoration
Familiar specs (the ones you've got xp, wish and gear to go with): Restoration.But if u need boomkin also i ve got some gears too
Profs (craft, noticeable achievements, specs): I havnt got atm..I will start a new proffesion soon.
Attunements and keys (quests)--
Other noticeable characters (lvls, servers)
lvl70 belf Warlock--Pozitron (at Karazhan
Pls care to link your armory profile.

II. About yourself.
Location (how close to the top): Istanbul/Turkey
Age (how close to the end): 20
Gender (how far): Male
Attitude (if you got any) : i m pretty calm and serious in game..
Previous xp (wow, mmorpg, gaming, irl if nothing else)
ı ve played ultima online but i played a little not much...But i ve been playing wow for 4 years.
Add some words about yourself if you like.

III. About your game.
Attendance and activity (what raiding schedule you'll be able to fit in and how often you'll be willing to fit in it)
i ve done all dungeon in wow except AQ 40...and i ve got too much info about my class things even moonkin but i prefer to come be healer..On the other side i m university student so i can come all raid at night but if final exams week come i can be off 1 week for that maybe 2 week..but other times i m always active

Former guilds (ranks, reason of leaving, some words about guilds): Shine-Devine Beings-Fusion( a little)-The Noodles u see i ve been at many guilds..when i left from shine cuz my inactivity the rest guilds werent good at raiding for me that time... so i was off until Wotlk from April 2008
Plans and goals in game (wow, mmorpg, gaming, irl if nothing else)
i want to complete all wow contest until end with u if it s possible
Feel free to add some comments.

If you respond my application in a few days, i ll be pleased..Thank you

You'll need to have required mods.
You'll need to have ventrilo set up and running.
You'll need to consider that longer your application happens to be, lesser will be the chance it'll be read till the end, and higher the chance you'll be occasionally accepted.


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