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i would like to join Empty i would like to join

Post  hullkster on Mon Mar 09, 2009 6:04 am

character name: hullkster
Class: warlock
current spec: affliction
profs: tailoring/enchanting
other chars: death knight elldiablo which is blood specced currently 79 but wont be any trouble to get to 80 rapido he is dps spec at the min but would be willing to use him as a tank if u wanted me to and ive a 70 warrior that is currently fury.

about me
location: united kingdom small town not too far from manchester
age: 29
Gender: male
Attitude: really relaxed and focused i enjoy taking part in raids and guild runs and like to help out other guild members in any way i can
Previous experience: raided weekly with plonkas of war before we switched to this server and became officer in half pint heroes have experience in most quarters of 10 man nax but the guild became more social so raiding became non existant im looking to gain further experience by joining a more pro raiding guild and believe this one to be the best around


im online at some point everyday i work tuesday to saturday and work late on tuesdays and thursdays so i can raid anytime on sundays and mondays wednesdays and fridays 8 pm servertime and from 7 pm on saturdays

Link to armoury
im really sorry but not sure how to do this


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