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Post  Eurofighter on Thu Feb 26, 2009 6:48 pm

Character name: Eurofighter
Class: Druid
Current/Preferred spec: Feral dps
Familiar specs: Resto (blue/epic have gear for heal naxx10) ( FULL epic Feral dps, have gear for naxx10/25).
Proffs: Mining/Enchanting , playing much arena Smile.
Attunements and keys: Kara preq. Onyxia preq.
Other noticeable characters: Eihde (ravencrest warlock 80lvl, in this account)
Eihdee (rogue bladefist. 70lvl played all pretbc and tbc raids, SOLD!) this rogue is now on defiasbrother hood name about xaven or xavi).
Pullasorsa ( pala 60lvl choromaggus. played pre-tbc. SOLD! same account with rogue).


Location: Finland, Lahti (100km north from Helsinki)
Gender: Male
Attitude: If you play, PLAY HARD!
Previous xp: Played wow about 3 years. Played runescape 1 year. Played wc3 5 years.
Im casual young men. I dont care if you need tell me how to play Smile (if u have good tips). I play icehockey.

Attendance and activity: I play wow about 5hours/day. My best raid time is 16.00-2.00.
Former guilds: Dignites with warlock . They cant get ppl to raid >>>leave. And i was 2 years in same guild with my rogue. I was officer. Guild name was Deisui.
Plans and goals in game: I dont stop play before im atop. I never give up!

I dont have nothing to say atm. Clock is 4.00 Very Happy

And for raiding:
I have new version of ventrilo. I have server (if needed).
I have mIRC for chatting with guild Smile.
I have bossmods and threat metters in wow when raiding.

Btw: nice ppl in ur guild! I was in same raid (naxx10) with autumnswind and some others!

Eurofighter thanks and bow!


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Eurofighter-Druid-apply Empty Re: Eurofighter-Druid-apply

Post  SindŽnŪs on Fri Feb 27, 2009 8:53 am

Cannot see your pve gear on armory, show show Razz you can /w me or someone else ;P in game if you like

I've heard you're much about loot(ing) in raids. How much? Meaning are you going to whine for every epic or you are ready to accept the looting rules as they are in Dawn? :>

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