Evilchilli holy paladin application

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Evilchilli holy paladin application

Post  Evilchilli on Sun May 25, 2008 12:46 pm

Hey, I'm interested in joining Dawn, this is my application

Holy Spec
Been holy for a long time so i know how to heal Smile 1.8k bonus healing at the moment.
Mining and Enchanting. Getting them up, quite low right now.
Have keys to all heroics except TK ones. Attuned to kara.
Eldeon 23 draeni mage Auchindoun realm. Olvon 19 rogue twink Auchindoun realm. Killkog 40 troll hunter The Maelstrom realm.

Armory offline..

Live in Dubai but i come from England.
14 years old. Though i have lead lots of raids and i know how to play ^^
Don't like people who give up too easily and dont like negative people in raids. I like to be positive Smile
Cleared all kara. Done bits of ZA. Played Guild Wars before WoW.

I'll be able to go to Raids Thursday Friday and in afternoon on Saturday. Also in weekdays if it's late. In summer holidays I will be playing 24/7 so yeah.
Officer in Chosen left because it broke up.. Was also in Devine beings and Sparta.
My plans and goals are to have 2k bonus healing meet some friends and experienced the "high level" raids. And have fun.

Well thats my application. Will be happy if you consider me into the guild I've got some old time friends in the guild so it would be a load of fun. I'm quite fun to play with and I would like to join this guild. Very Happy

Thanks guys
Evilchilli cheers


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