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Post  Adavia on Fri May 08, 2009 12:55 pm

Character name: Adavia
Class : Priest
Duell specc: Holy/disc and Disc/holy
Familiar spec: both of the above
Profs:Low skilled inscription and herbalism
Other noticeable characters: Dk 70, hunter 80, lock low lvl

Location: sweden
Age :17
Gender: Female
Attitude:Freindly, and helpfull. Im always honest, and i dont care whom the person is, i always tell the truth. Mostly positive in raids, and instances.
Previous games/mmrpgs: Linage 1,2,diablo,1,2,Runes of magic,
About your game: I like to raid, and such. Ive got a lot of free time aswell, but weekends would be best for raiding. My recently guild havnt had much of raiding to do, and when we had any raids, its not gone that well. The guilds ive been in havnt be able to give what i want.
My goal is to find a nice raiding guild , do raids and have fun and enjoy the game.


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