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Ret paladin - Skorpia applying Empty Ret paladin - Skorpia applying

Post  Scorpion on Sat Apr 25, 2009 8:00 pm

Hi all,

My char name is Skorpia


I know it's not much to show but it's lot better than few weeks ago Smile I'll never stop trying to get better.. Smile

Paladin Retribution. Never tried any other spec but I am planing to develop tanking as off spec, when I get bit more time I'll gear up and practice Smile
This is my main and there will be no other char till I'm either really bored with paladins, or I've done everything everywhere with it Very Happy

My professions are mining and skinning. Boring and maybe not that useful to others but It kept me well stacked up with money so far Very Happy and that was important while lvling Smile

I like doing achievements (330/931) but haven't done anything really special yet. My biggest pride is Albino Drake and it was special till they implemented next step Smile bah it will always be special to me Razz If there are ppl who need / want help with any achievement I'll be more than happy to kick in and help Smile

Ehm about me...

My name is Ranko.
I'm 29 year old IT technician from nice little old town Dubrovnik in Croatia. I'm not married yet and I can devote all my free time to games if I want to Smile , mostly I do want .. but main problem is that I don't have as much free time as I would like to -.- ( sucky profession )
Other than wow I don't have any real hobbies, any extra time I have I spend with friends or gf and thats about it.

Before wow I played worst MMORPG ever Smile it has lousy graphic no content and lvling system is mostly nothing but grind grind grind for 5 hours to get 5% exp needed for lvl which you can easily lose if you get tired and die Smile It would be hard to explain why would anyone play such game but that game thought me patience and endurance so nothing in wow is "hard" from my point of view Smile ( fishing 4 hours to get rat companion sounds crazy to some ppl Razz )

Usually I play every evening and stay up very very late Smile On rare occasion my working shifts can extend 30+ hours without prior notice or they can drop to 4 hours a day for couple of days.. so keeping any kind of schedule other than day by day is hard sometimes .
My current guild is Triumvirate and before that I was in Elite Knights (lvling guild Smile ) Triumvirate was nice guild with some really nice members but since leader returned to his original server it kinda fell apart.Except my friend and me nobody else is even logging in, so It would be time for me to move on too Smile
I choose to apply here because all I hear about you guys is good stuff and I'm tired of playing this game alone Smile
I except nothing more than to have fun and get chance to learn more and develop as player and person Smile I'll do my best to contribute guild and every individual in it and I promise I will never ask(beg) for anything Smile

I hope I didn't left anything out, now nothing comes to my mind except bed Smile. If I did, point it out pls and I'll fill in details

best regards...



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Ret paladin - Skorpia applying Empty Re: Ret paladin - Skorpia applying

Post  Cramos on Sun Apr 26, 2009 12:25 pm

Nice app , gl mate.

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