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Post  Cealinne on Sun Apr 19, 2009 3:15 pm

Character name: Cealinne
Class : Priest
Current and only spec: Discipline healer
Familiar spec: Discipline
Profs: Inscription/herbs

character lookup
(armory didn't work again)
About self
Location Holland
Age 27
Attitude Sometimes forget the most simple things , bit chaotic mind but usually no problems, humor a bit on sadistic side sometimes (forgive me please, i will say !)
About game don't pvp, only casual, have normally every evening time to be online because friend drives international, so i play alot during the year exept in summertime

Experience 2 horde chars 70 i went a bit to karazhan with , rogue and warlock, also ally mage 70 char on this server

Preference like to do eoe 10/25 and naxx 10/25 , os10/25 for gearing up to ulduar


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