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Post  Kronikaj on Fri Apr 03, 2009 12:43 pm

I. About your character.
Character name: Kronikaja
Class: Death Knight
Current/Preferred spec: Blood, which is also my preferred specc.
Familiar specs : Blood, Unholy
Profs : None, most of the time I am too lazy to get any up Razz
Attunements and keys : None on this character, have a lvl 70 druid.
Other noticeable characters : Lvl 70 Nelf Druid, Auchindaun

Pls care to link your armory profile: Doesn't work here I heard.

II. About yourself.
Location : Holland
Age : 14
Gender : Male
Attitude : Humorous, up for some fun
Previous xp : not really

Am always up for some fun, and I'm not afraid of helping people either.

III. About your game.
Attendance and activity : I'm not really into raiding yet, for sure not during weektime.
Former guilds : Half Pint Heroes, which got disbanded over inactivity.
Plans and goals in game : Having funny, do some pvp but like to do pve as well.

Rallio / Kalpuim's my cousin, and I enjoy playing with him.


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