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Post  Fletchmyster2000 on Sun Mar 29, 2009 8:06 am

I. About your character.
Character name: Vorttex
Class: Mage
Current/Preferred spec:0/51/20
Other noticeable characters: A level 51 hunter that I am currently lvling during the day.


II. About yourself.
Location: UK
Age: 17
Gender: Male
Attitude: Very fun to play with, very mature and very hard working.
Previous xp: Been playing WoW for about 2 years now and completed every raid in Wotlk

I love to raid and meet new people, I can defiantly keep up with the pace. I was also recommended to join by Autumnwind a member currently in Dawn as I was invited to join one of the 25 man naxx runs last week and had great fun raiding.

III. About your game.
Attendance and activity: I can raid any day of the week , play mostly during 4-12 pm
Former guilds: Have recently been in Death Row, Ranked veteran.
Plans and goals in game: My goal in the game is to have fun, meet new people and to reach the very top.

I have all necessary mods and I also have ventrilo.

Thank you!! =P


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