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lookin to join the ranks Empty lookin to join the ranks

Post  Ilura De on Fri Mar 06, 2009 7:41 pm

I. About your character.

Character name: Ilura
Class : Death Knight
Current: unholy but as of 3.1 will either be blood unholy or frost unholy
Familiar specs : (Dps : frost ,unholy ,blood )
Profs : Jewelcrafter / Minner
Attunements and keys :not much there since they nerfed that a few patches ago
Other noticeable characters : Takane lvl 80 Tankadin alt and empuse Fury warrior and arvins hunter
taleka druid the last 3 are all around 70 so not much to shout about

armory profile.

II. About yourself.
Location: United Kingdom (Fife Region for local lads and lassies)
Age :24
Gender: male
Attitude: far too easy going
Previous xp: well as of late been doing a lot of classic raids Surprised
got mostly experince on most naxx quarters in 10 man eviroment and lookin to
take it to the next lvl. Also i was one of the co leaders in a small guild called Half Pint Heroes

Add some words about yourself if you like: not much to say im a nice guy
just seem to get alot of bad luck irl thats all (works in a Call Center)

III. About your game.
Mostly Available Every weekend would be impossible for me to do weekdays as i work
till 8 and the trip home takes me to 9-10pm (Gmt) or 11pm Server time most days

Ilura De

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