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As soon as Feugen and Stalagg are down, the raid should jump to Thaddius' platform. Thaddius will become active a few seconds after the group reaches his platform, and should be tanked in the center of the platform where he is, but slightly forward so that there is room for the raid to see where to run on either side of him during the Polarity Shifts. Approximately 10 seconds after Thaddius becomes active, he will cast his first Polarity Shift on the raid. The raid will need to immediately stack up in two separate groups depending on their charge. The groups should be as close to each other as possible without shocking to allow melee DPS to engage Thaddius. Make sure you clearly state what side Negative is on and what side Positive is on. The tank should rotate around thaddius to match the group that shares his charge. Stacking the charges is critical, as each charge provides a +10% damage buff (up to 12 stacks) that will be necessary to defeat Thaddius before the enrage timer.
Animated Tactic.
Animated Tactic.

When Thaddius switches polarities again everyone that has to move should run a semi-circle around Thaddius as fast as possible. While there is only about 4 seconds between the polarity shift and the first shock, raid members should keep paying attention to which debuff they have. Note that not every Polarity Shift will change the charge on a raid member, so the raid members will need to monitor their debuffs each time Polarity Shift is cast.

Once the raid is back in position and stacked with others who have a similar charge, the fight continues as before. This is the entire fight 100% to 0%. You have six minutes to get through Thaddius' 30,400,000 HP. This enrage timer is quite strict and it is highly unlikely you will be able to beat it if you lose more than a few people, both because of the lost DPS and because fewer members of the raid alive means there are fewer people to stack to receive the same-charge buff (thus, even a healer death can become somewhat problematic).

It is also important to note that the jump onto Thaddius' platform from Feugen and Stalagg is difficult for some people. If one or more members of the raid fail to make the jump, they can run around to the front of the room, up to Feugen or Stalagg's platform, and try again. However, any raid members who arrive on Thaddius' platform after the fight begins must wait for a Polarity Shift before moving near the rest of the raid. Technically, having no charge (because you were out of range for the first Polarity Shift) will still trigger polarity charge damage because the charge is not the same as the other members of the raid (i.e., "no charge" is viewed as a different charge than + or -). A member arriving late to Thaddius' platform will thus need to wait, away from the rest of the group, until a Polarity Shift occurs and a charge is received, and the raid member can then join the rest of the raid on the appropriate side based on the charge received. After 3.0.8, Priests can cast Levitate on anyone. Anyone who has trouble jumping down should ask a priest to put levitate on them after Feugen and Stalagg are dead so all they have to do is run off the edge and float safely down to Thaddius's platform.


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