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Post  Omer on Wed Mar 04, 2009 1:07 pm

I. About your character.
Character name Omer
Class Warrior
Current/Preferred spec Fury
Familiar specs (the ones you've got xp, wish and gear to go with)Gather tanking gear atm so I can spec tank, so if you want me as a tank for like Naxx 10 sometime I think I could come as a tank.
Profs (craft, noticeable achievements, specs)Mining and Bs, both 450
Attunements and keys (quests)--
Other noticeable characters (lvls, servers)70 hunter, pilhuvud on Dentarget. 70 priest, poli on executus. 70 warlock, polek on outland.

Pls care to link your armory profile.

II. About yourself.
Location (how close to the top) Sweden
Age (how close to the end)16
Gender (how far)Male
Attitude (if you got any)Im the coolest guy ever javascript:emoticonp('Cool')
Previous xp (wow, mmorpg, gaming, irl if nothing else) I have cleared kara and gruul in TBC and nothing in origninal wow. Have playes cs, tibia, maplestory, runescape, silkroad, wc3 and some other random games but atm it's just WoW.

Add some words about yourself if you like. I have cleared everything except malygos 25 so it'll not be a problem with tactics and things like that.

III. About your game.
Attendance and activity (what raiding schedule you'll be able to fit in and how often you'll be willing to fit in it)I could come most of the time from like 19-24. but on fridays and saturdays I prefer to not raid but if I have some spare time I would like to come. On sundays I'm free all day.
Former guilds (ranks, reason of leaving, some words about guilds)Aves and Aces High, I liked them both but Aves was a bit better. But aves had shitty reputation so I liked Aces better, the leaders couldnt get along tho so I dont think they really were the right people to lead a guild.
Plans and goals in game (wow, mmorpg, gaming, irl if nothing else)I want to clear all the future raids and instances that will come.

Feel free to add some comments. I hope you like me and will accept me because I really want an serious raiding guild now, before I die of boringness =)


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fury warrior Empty Re: fury warrior

Post  omer on Wed Mar 04, 2009 1:18 pm

forgot my armory, here it is Very Happy


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