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Weedrynck, holy or tankadin Empty Weedrynck, holy or tankadin

Post  weedrynck on Tue Feb 24, 2009 4:33 pm

Character name: Weedrynck
Class: Paladin
Current/Preferred spec: holy or prot dont rly matter, which ever raid needs to start Smile
Familiar specs: was holy when I dinged 70 for pretty long time (so have many exp in raid healing ^^) then went prot cause got bored at healing. Stayed prot till I had 30k hp at 80 ofc Smile Then started grinding holy gear again
Profs: Mining 'n JC (making gems for free ofc Smile) am lvling cooking and fishing (344/290 atm) so definetly gonna be able to make raid food by ulduar
Attunements and keys: GOt all keys and attunements at 70 (except BT)
Other noticeable characters: Got my main DK on this server (64) but am focusing on my elemental shaman atm (13 xD). Got my first main alt on my first realm: gnome mage, Al A'kir (68)

Location: Belgium, Ostend
Age: 19
Gender: male
Attitude: could be I'm "rude" to some people but dont worry I usually dont mean that personal, just cause slacking in raids etc ^^
Previous xp: Well haven't played many simular wow games except runescape (lol xD) but dont rly count that as a mmorpg. Though played Warcraft III: RoC and TFT before knew wow Smile
Add some words about yourself if you like: Well, tbh I don't rly think there's anything else I should add. You'll all get to know me IF I'm invited to guild don't worry Smile

Ohh yeah, don't know if this is nessecary (but always had to add this) but I raided alot lately with padrieldor, and had lotta fun with him Smile, whos in the guild and I think he can agree of my skills or anything I said here Smile

Attendance and activity: Well if the raid starts at 20.00 (cause on one topic I read that you start at 20.00, on other at 19.00) I'll be able to join all raids and if it starts at 19.00 I'll be available for most raids.
Former guilds: On this server haven't been in decent guild (except one my friends made with only IRL friends joined), but on Al A'kir I was on couple good guilds:
Nerubian hunters(got kicked cause had shitty comp and lagged too much at raids, this is fixed now though ^^, but grew my raiding skills and exp here)
Eternal Hope (Stayed here after got kicked from NH and grew my social and RL skills here)
Plans and goals in game: My current plans are only to have fun at raiding and lvling bit my profs, but I'm always mostly focused on reaching endgame content ( doesn't even matter if I get loot but still is nice once in a while ^^)

I'd like to add that I'm willing to be mainhealer (like I raid on recruitment section Smile) and have exp from doing it at kara, ZA, gruul's, SSC and TK

Also I'll give my armory link but dont rely on it too much cause recently achieved Bloodsail Admiral and am running around with my pvp gear + the imba pirate hat ^^
Made an avatar of both my speccs so you at least know my current stats (in case I got the imba hat equipped Razz)


Weedrynck, holy or tankadin Weedrynck

Weedrynck, holy or tankadin Weedrynck


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