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Post  Andijvie on Sat Feb 21, 2009 3:44 pm

I. About your character.
Character name: Andijvie
Class: Death Knight
Current/Preferred spec.: Tanky/frost
Familiar specs: Frost, did Blood a bit as well but not seriously really!
Profs: Engi (still needs some lvling though!), mining, skinning, LW.
Attunements and keys: Nothing that really matters
Other noticeable characters: Moki (74 hunter), same server. Used to raid on it pre-Wotlk.

Armory link:

II. About yourself.
Location: The cold and rainy, but ever cozy Holland
Age: 20
Gender: Female, myes!
Attitude: semi-sarcastic/sometimes bitchy but overall friendly and helpful!
Previous xp: Playing wow for about 3 years, been in Plonkas of war back at the Al'Akir server. Co-lead a guild (organizing, raidleading, spanking slackers etc.) and well next to that I play lots of other games!

Add some words about yourself if you like: Well what can I say... Very Happy I'm extraordinarily odd sometimes, but not in a disturbing way. Oh yeah I'm a friend of Rallio/Broekplasser, used to be in Plonkas and Half Pint together Smile

III. About your game.
Attendance and activity: My schedule is quite instable atm, bit shaky due to moving and switching jobs. But as soon as I got some stability I'll let you guys know. Mostly available in the evenings though.
Former guilds: Plonkas of war (Al'Akir), Raided kara, ZA, gruuls, maggy, SSC and TK on hunter., rank: Raid member, reason left: Guild died due to fusion.
Half Pint Heroes, Raided: Kara, ZA, OS10, VoA10 and Naxx (arachnid and plague) last 3 with tank, rank: Co leader/Task leader, reason left: Guild died due to lack of members and personal stuff.
Plans and goals in game: Not worrying about guild organizing stuff, but just raiding and having a good time! Planning to level my hunter and shammy (45) soon, so I'll have a healer and dps as well.

Well that was it really, if anything seemed vague or if there are any questions please let me know!
Hope to hear from you,

Andijvie \o.


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Post  Andijvie on Sat Feb 21, 2009 3:45 pm

something went wrong, I think.

Armory link once again:
Very Happy


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