Death knight -- Dps invation form --

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Death knight -- Dps invation form --

Post  Lloyd on Mon Feb 09, 2009 12:16 pm

I. About your character.
Blood spec (Need advice for raiding)
Quite new to Death-Knights, yet im a quick learner. i am very used to blood as that is what
i used to get to lvl 80 with
450 skinning/first aid 200 Lw
non. epic fail
nope. just using this for raiding

II. About yourself.
Live in England. Nottingham (Shithole of the world)
16, School for commitment and busy friday night and all day saturday
Umm.. I got serious attitude GARRRRR
Played MMO games for 5 years.. and great understanding of teamwork

Recent to DK... not so great gear, but want to gain raiding gear and become pro PvE Dk

III. About your game.
Monday to thursday = 5-11
friday = 5-7
Saturday = Busy
Sunday = free

Former guilds: Elite knights - Lvling guild ROFKEK - Lvling guild. Left due to wanting to raid.!!!

Plans and Goals: Become Uber leet raiding Pro

I have headset. i have ventrillo but i cant seem to use it because im not pro at that. Sad i am big
on voice chat though and have used Xfire since Raptor jesus times

Thanks. Omokro - True pro:D:D:D:D:D.. no seriously.. my gear sucks :O


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