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Post  Rallio on Wed Jan 28, 2009 7:37 am

Character name : Rallio
Class : Mage
Current / prefered specc: Frostfire specc (pve) (0/55/16)
Familiar speccs: I've played both arcane as fire and frost, but
enjoying frostfire atm; which is where i have the gear for
Proffs: Alchemey / Herbalism ; both pretty low as I've just picked them up.
Attunements: hc keys of tbc
Other characters : Warrior lvl 80, Paladin lvl 70

Armory link:
( these stats are totally unbuffed )

Location: The Netherlands
Age : 14
Gender: Male
Attitude: Sportive, active
Previous xp: not much, pretty much been playing wow
I'm a nice player, which likes to play with mates and isn't nessicarely after
the purple items!

Raiding times prefered would be from around 19:00 ( at earliest ) to 0:00, I'm
available at these times every friday / saturday, and during week I tend to logg of
at about 22:00-22:30 ish.
Former guilds on this realm ( I moved here about 2 months ago ) is "Half Pint Heroes"
where I used to be warrior CL ( my former main ), and officer after I made my mage
my main. The guild was pretty nice to hang around in, been there for nearly 2 years
with some members but I was in there for so long that I started to get irritated by
things which wouldn't have irritated me before.


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Re: Apply

Post  rallio on Wed Jan 28, 2009 7:39 am

sorry, armory link went wrong there:


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