Mage application

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Mage application

Post  Rajya on Mon Dec 08, 2008 12:22 pm

I. About my character

Character name: Rajya
Class: Mage
Current/Preferred spec: Frost for leveling
Familiar specs : Fire for pvp, i can respec anytime the guild wants me to, i can get used quickly to any spec.
Profs : Tailoring and Mining, both around 400 and continuing to level them up.
Other noticeable characters : none

II. About myself

Location: Romania
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Attitude: Friendly, with a great pleasure to help those who need me Very Happy

I'd like to join a guild with nice people, who know how to have fun. Wow is not a battle, it's a game and it should be treated that way, we can all help each other to enjoy the best of it Smile

III. About my game

Attendance and activity : I'm available almoast every night, the hours may vary from 5pm to 12pm Paris time.
Former guilds : Ordinul serafimilor. I left it because people were fighting all the time over nothing.
Plans and goals in game: to do as many raids as possible, to have fun with u guys Very Happy

Thank you for the patience to read my application!

If you want more information about me , you can ask Torquemada. Smile


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