lvl 80 hunter app

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lvl 80 hunter app

Post  Haroldon on Wed Dec 03, 2008 11:55 am

currently BM
have played BM, MM, and MS hunter specs happy with all
engineering and mining, not leveled since Wotlk yet...
attuned to kara, but by the time i had got further attunement no longer needed Smile

armour is poor cos i just turned 80, need a guild to do heroics/raids with to gear up!

Loc: NW england
Age: 17, 18 in january
Gender: M
Attitude: relaxed, helpful, hey im a nice guy
raided BC, kara, grull, maggy, ZA then wotlk came out

i play fairly regularly but not obsesively, i do have a life off of wow so friday, saturday nights are probably a no go, weekday nights i play more.
Former guilds: Gits of Outand, left when i took free character migration to escape the 3.5 hour queue when Wotlk came out, several of my friends also packed up and shifted server and will be looking for guilds when they reach level 80
Plans and goals: i wanna see as much content as i can in wotlk and get good PVE and PVP gear, i enjoy PvP but am mainly a raider.


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Re: lvl 80 hunter app

Post  Cramos on Sun Dec 07, 2008 12:05 pm

I think our application form is longer then this +a armory link would be good to check your talents(btw why am i the only one bothering to answer this guys post...)

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