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Post  knotten on Wed Oct 08, 2008 5:12 pm

char name : knottên
race: gnome
spec: i am combat specc whit sword spesial but thinking of going daggers l8ter if wanted Smile
proff: i got engineering and mining
atuned: to almost everything Smile
other chars: got some lvl 63 (that my littel brother destroyed so now i have baned him from my acc Razz)

about me:
i am from norway (Trondheim) i am 17 years old soon 18 years old, i am a happy guy(yes i am a male) i have played AOC ( Sucked) AO(imba) diablo1-2 (w8ting for 3) and some other random stuff Razz.
if u want a happy guy that is rdy to do some ownage.

i am avalible almoste all the time after 16.30 Smile everyday.

l8ter guilds : acident or acident of the maelstrom.
i migrated her because of my friends playing here so they wanted some help (so here i am Smile
Laughing hope u like what i have 2 bring Smile. ps just when u see the armory x) my gear aint better because i lived on the hospital because of cancer... but i am all good now Very Happy and rdy 2 play Smile afro


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Re: rogue

Post  Sindënís on Thu Oct 09, 2008 2:35 pm

he's sweet Razz I say take.

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