Proper Application Form: Mage/Hunter/Priest

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Proper Application Form: Mage/Hunter/Priest

Post  Hardonez on Wed Oct 08, 2008 8:43 am

Character name: Hardheadz
Class: Mage
Current/Preferred spec: Raid-Arcane-Fire
Familiar specs- Raid-Arcane-Frost, Raid-Frost, Raid-Fire
Profs: Jewelcrafting/Enchanting, JC 380 All Designs (blue, epic, crafts), Ench 375 few Rep Enchants, 40spd weap, spd bracer, Boar's Speed, Shield-Block, further all World Drop/AH-available enchants except for Resi on chest.
Attunements and keys: all TBC needed
Other noticeable characters: Hardonez-T4+ hunter, BM-Farmspec (using mostly PVP-gear) Herbalism/Engineering, Herba-maxed, Engi-Maxed with Manapot-injector, Healthpot-injector, RepairBot

Hardones-Kara/ZA/Gruul/Maggy approved Gear, Holy, Approx 1700 BH unbuffed with high MP5, Alchy/Tail, Alchy Elixir-Master (will re-master if needed) very few Flasks cuz of the low use of the proffession so far, Aldor-Tailor (not exalt yet)

Hardbeatz-LVL 19 Twink, best gear +enchants (will stay in own guild ofc:P)

Forum-noob so no ID how to place Armory

Location: The Netherlands
Age: 20
Gender: Male (i think)
Attitude: Slighty Arrogant. but friendly
Previous xp: Kara, Gruul, Maggy, ZA, SSC, TK, MH cleared, BT up to 4th, Trashclearing SWP:P

Attendance and activity: Up to now: Everyday 19:30 - 01:00 (may Change since there might be a job-change comming up)
Former guilds: Nice (NL lvl), JumpersUnited (Created NL guild, GM), Piece Of Cake (NL End-Game, Co-GM, by Merging with JumpersUnited), Noodles Factory from when they started( High value member wich wasnt appreciated enough so /gquit), Devine Beings (Raider, Left cuz RL friends were kicked for unknown reasons), Ashes( entire mage career was done here, again low appreciation, started fooling around because of that,,,this time Gkick, Current: Redmoon (officer, helping the guild starting up, leaving since there is no future for me there)
Plans and goals in game: Lvling Last Char to 70 (lvl 43 druid), Have some more fun in-game by raiding mayB even get some gear parts i have not been able to get yet and hopefully get the Hand Of Adal title, then prepare for the WotLK, Racing ppl to lvl 80 (trying to become 1st)

And about the gear of my mage you've seen on armory, yes that was pvp i used for boosting Smile, PM In-Game to see my raid-gear.

Ty for you time,



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