BM Hunter looking for raids higher then kara/grull/maggie

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BM Hunter looking for raids higher then kara/grull/maggie

Post  Cassassi on Thu Sep 25, 2008 4:43 pm

character name: Cassassin

Race: Night Elf

Level: 70

Armory link:

time played: 5 months since im 70.

Previous guilds/ serverís and why you left: Rise of the Jaded. Good guild, but i wanted to advance in raiding...while they where just doin kara/grull/maggie/za. Kara mostly. If there was a 25 men raid like SSC...we lacked players which was really frustrating.

Previous raid experience ? Cleared kara/maggie/grull/za.

Attunements/keys you have? All keys

Any ALTS ( here or any other servers ) ? Lvling a shaman which i would like to make a healer. Current lvl trying to lvl it fast to 70.

Real name: Atif

Age: 21

Location: London:

A little about yourself: Cool mind and focused player who like to advance in the game. Like to make frineds and dont provoke any1 usless im provoked.

Characterís spec and What proffessions have you got and list any rare crafts? BM hunter atm...i have respecc survival aswell which boosted the guilds dps alot in 25 men raids. Have also been MM. But prefer BM specc.

If needed are you willing to respec? Yes.

What can you offer the guild? Good raids and freindly attitude.

What do you expect from the guild? Good raids and respect.

What time are u able to raid? Able to raid 3 times per week. If im not able to attend a raid ill give a notice almost 1 week in advance.

have you got ventrilo and are you able to speek english and use it during raid, or is this a problem? I got vent and can speak good english ofc Very Happy

Other comments: I pvp alot so still have some pvp stuff on me. Dont worry it just boost my dps in pve Very Happy

Can you agree and stick to a rules and regulations ? (yes or no) Yes.

Hope u like my gear and attitude...cya soon Smile Tc. BB.


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