soygamo's aplication again xD

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soygamo's aplication again xD

Post  soygamo on Tue Sep 16, 2008 12:35 pm

im srr 4 not using the pattern so i made another aplicantion
my char is soygamo pala with main specc tanking (14.8 k hp self buffed 499 def 19.66 dodge 16.72 parry and 51.11 block with holy shield) and healing as offspecc.i got 365 enchanting with not any rarecrafts just some reputation ones

about me: my name is sifis (male) and im 15 years old . i live in greece athens.btw im also doin sailing so i dont have much time especially weekends i can only play at night

in wow im interested in raids like tk ssc and bt mh if i can


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