Holy pala looking for decent guild

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Holy pala looking for decent guild

Post  Aisman on Thu Sep 04, 2008 4:06 am

Character name Aisman
Class Paladin
Current spec Holy

The spec that i lvl up was retri cause it was easier.
Professions BS/Mining 365/375
I got 62lvl druid at this server as my alt.


the gears can change a bit if i do BG so my PvE gears got 1994BH 73 mp5 whilecasting
and holy spells critchance 21,73% Mana 10053 and HP 9147

Location Finland
Age 21
Gender Male

Achievements All HC keys and kara key , Sha'tar Exalted , Cenarion Expedation Exalted , Honor Hold Revered 15487/21000 , Lower city Revered 189/21000 , Aldor Exalted , Shattered Sun Offensive Exalted , Netherwing Exalted , Violet Eye Revered 10089/21000

About me, i can raid pretty much everyday ( except for some weekends ) My previous experience on raids is pretty short. 5-10 Kara , 1 whole ZA , Random bosses on SSC , Random bosses on MH , Maggy once , Gruul 2x. ( I was trying to keep this as short as possible so if u got any questions about me or to me feel free to ask )

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Re: Holy pala looking for decent guild

Post  Malfurryon on Fri Sep 05, 2008 9:11 am

w0w affraid affraid
Last time when I saw you, you couldn't even heal in kara Razz but now I see you have way better gear =D =D
However Ais is very nice person and good healer ^^ GL mate

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