Matzak - Holy Paladin

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Matzak - Holy Paladin

Post  Matzak on Thu Jun 05, 2008 11:45 am

I. About your character.
Character name: Matzak
Class: Female human Paladin
Current/Preferred spec: Holy
Familiar specs: Holy, Prot and some experience as Retri
Profs: Mining / Blacksmith. Only useful thing that I can craft these days are all the plate resistance gears. And thinking of rolling for alchemy for imba healing trinket Smile

Attunements and keys: All attunements done, all heroics keys etc owned
Other noticeable characters: No other "noticeable" chars

I made profile to CT profiles, so that you could see my both specs. And in armory there's atm my retrigear, since pew pewing

Main Spec: www
Off Spec: www

(I failed with the linking, but you can copy/paste and just remove that space there Embarassed )

II. About yourself.
Location: Finland, Espoo
Age: 21
Gender: Male
Attitude: Bad mofo
Previous xp: Only WoW for little over 2years. And most of this time with same char and as holy cyclops

Mmmmm.. I saw pie on ur forums. I like pie king

III. About your game.
Attendance and activity: This is probably my main malfunction Sad I'm in a job where I go to work from 13.00 to 21.00 and every other week from 05.00 to 13.00. So my activity will obviously suffer from this. But this a thing that I can't affect atm and will try to live with it Smile Other things that may affect my raiding are 1. alcohol 2. women 3. alcohol (And then sports, but I do them non-raiding times anyways Basketball )

Former guilds: Pre-TBC I was on server "Frostwhisper" in a guild named "Fallen Heroes". There I raided all up to Naxx and in Naxx downed about 5 bosses.
Just before TBC came out I went to military service and was there for year, yet played WoW every now and then, leveling my char and getting some Kara-gear + PvP sets.

After I got out of army, I applied to my friends guild on Magtheridon. Horna was the name and the guild was only for Finnish ppl. They were raiding SSC-BT, but mainly BT. With nice smile and a blowj... Well, ye.... I got into the guild.

In Horna I raided all from Magtheridon to Illidan and when Sunwell came we downed Kaelcgos and wiped on Brutallus couple of times, getting him to enrage once.
By this time our guild started to have little activity problems and people started to lose their intrest in HC raiding.
At this point we decided to close the hut and I started to play as casual. This was about 1 month ago.
My friends had started playing on this server so I decided to migrate here and see what's up.

I joined guild called "Delusional" and we've been doing SSC-TK for couple times now.
But now I feel that this guild isn't for me. Won't analyze that more than that.. I have my reasons and I'm not comfortable sharing them on open forums Smile

(Sorry for WALL OF TEXT Shocked Tried to make it little bit more readable)

Plans and goals in game: My main goal is not to set sail for fail. And maybe get some lewt Embarassed But really, I play this game for fun and with a little bit of perfectionist in me, I ALWAYS do anything in my power to be the best player of my class

And ye, I got ventrilo, mic and all other stuff needed for HC raiding Very Happy
Thanks for reading this (if u did Razz )


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Re: Matzak - Holy Paladin

Post  Andrei on Fri Jun 06, 2008 5:29 am


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Re: Matzak - Holy Paladin

Post  Matzak on Fri Jun 06, 2008 11:18 am

Posting that I wish to withdraw my application. Decided to apply to another guild, because of their raiddays/time.
Yet, I don't know how they react on my working hours

Thank you anyways and see you in-game Very Happy


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Re: Matzak - Holy Paladin

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