Holy Paladin Looking To Join

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Holy Paladin Looking To Join

Post  Kratossix on Wed May 28, 2008 9:18 am

Name: Kratossix
Class: Paladin
Spec: Holy
Proffessions: Mining and Skinning
I've got the key to kara and all the heroics (except MGT)
I would link my armoury profile, but I think the armoury is messed up atm

I live in Dubai, it's a place in the U.A.E (in the middle east)
I'm 16 years old
No real attitude problems Razz
I'm looking mainly to gather some BoJ gear atm, so I'll take place in as many raids as i can

I'm a fairly active player and i should be able to make it to raids that start at 16:00 or 18:00 and i can play till 20:00 from saturday - wednesday, but on thurs and fri i cn play till later.
I used to be in Sparta ages ago and only did kara about once with them but they were very infrequent with getting raids that went to kara so i decided to leave, after that i went to a guild called Chosen, we went for quite a few kara raids but most people were badly geared so i decided to leave because after 2 months of me being there, they still failed to clear kara.
My plans and goals are just to get good BoJ gear and then hopefully get to Black Temple, though im only @ around Zul'Aman gear right now, i plan to be comitted and go to lots of raid to get great gear and help ur guild out Smile

Anyways, thanks for checking out my application guys, hope you'll take me in cheers


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Re: Holy Paladin Looking To Join

Post  Miro on Wed May 28, 2008 4:27 pm

We raiding from 19:00 to at least 23:00 mostly.

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