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Post  Arandor, on Sat May 03, 2008 6:17 pm

. About your character.
Character name : Arandor
Class: Paladin
Current/Preferred spec :
Familiar specs (the ones you've got xp, wish and gear to go with)
Profs (craft, noticeable achievements, specs) I dont have any special profs..sadly
Attunements and keys (quests) karazhan ... x) and pretbc but that doesnt matter lol Very Happy
Other noticeable characters (lvls, servers) 62 D shammy. vashj.

Pls care to link your armory profile.
please ignore my herb xD havnt played for some months..

II. About yourself.
Location (how close to the top) I live in sweden,Uppsala Smile
Age (how close to the end) Im 17 years old ;P
Gender (how far) male that is ofc Very Happy
Attitude (if you got any) attitude? oO deppends on how and whom i speak to..but gentle and funky ;P
Previous xp (wow, mmorpg, gaming, irl if nothing else)
lotr,anarchy online and alot more..

Add some words about yourself if you like.

Im a very good healer when its needed...really relyable... Smile
ive outhealed full epic priests /pallys with over 1,6k + healing while i were on 900.
belive it or not Wink im imba Very Happy rofl.

III. About your game.
Attendance and activity (what raiding schedule you'll be able to fit in and how often you'll be willing to fit in it) as often as i can of course.. love raiding..
Former guilds (ranks, reason of leaving, some words about guilds) disbanded but had alot of progress and fun..
Plans and goals in game (wow, mmorpg, gaming, irl if nothing else) having fun and getting to know people and have a fun progress

Feel free to add some comments.
pick me Very Happy rofl..


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Post  roflnote on Sat May 03, 2008 6:19 pm

forgot to write that Im HOly atm Very Happy


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Re: application

Post  Terranova on Sun May 04, 2008 3:14 am


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Re: application

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