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Vashj Macros!

Post  Aranea on Sat Apr 12, 2008 6:19 am

Macro to throw the Tainted Cores to the target you picked.

/use Tainted Core
/run f=SendChatMessage w="WHISPER"c="Tainted Core"t="target"u=UnitName(t)if IsItemInRange(c,t)==1 then f("You have the "..c,w,nil,u)f(u.." has "..c,"RAID")else f("Can't throw core at you. Get close!",w,nil,u)Minimap:PingLocation(0,0)end
this macro will try to throw it to the player you are targeting, and if they are out of range it will ping your position on the map and notify them that they are out of range and should get closer.

Macro to target Elementals

/targetexact Tainted Elemental
/focus [exists, nodead]
/cast [target=focus, exists, nodead] Spell(Rank X)

This macro will target an elemental, set it as your focus target, makes sure you aren't targeting a corpse, casts 1 spell and then switches you to your old target(most probably Vashj).
since they elementals got only about 7.5k hp 2-3 range DPS only need to hit that macro once and they are dead.
you should have 2 version of the macro one to target the tainted elementals that drop the cores, and one to target the Enchanted Elementals that boost vashj's damage output.


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