Hoping to Join the guild

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Hoping to Join the guild

Post  Poghok on Sun Mar 30, 2008 6:11 am

Hello! Very Happy

Character name : Poghok
Class : Warrior (ftw)^^
Spec : Fury 17/44 - raid specc
profs: Mining (375) BS (288) and FA (375)

Keys and Attunements: Im kara attuned and i have all the heroic keys except sha'tar

Other characters: I have a priest lvl 70 1600 bonus healing unbuffed (agamaggan), a horde shaman lvl 70 with gladiator gear (executus) and a lvl 68 paladin (deathwing).

Tired of pvp and i wanna go pve more. Have much experience in Kara, Gruul and some in Za and The Eye. Been there mostly with my priest Razz

Gear: It can be better^^ i have 12 epics and 5 blues but my played time is only 16 days so i just dinged 70.

I live in Sweden and im 18 years old.

- Poghok


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