Affliction Lock, lvl 70 ofc eager to join

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Affliction Lock, lvl 70 ofc eager to join

Post  Profium on Mon Mar 24, 2008 10:11 am

Hey, my characters name is Proium

I am a lvl 70 warlock, mostly blues and epiz i think something like 1 green and that is a ring... i am affliciton and i would like it to stay that way but would consider destruction if you want me to respec.

I dont really have much experience when it comes to raiding but i stay back and abide by marks lol Smile and i dont mind following orders, i dont have any attunement, i got all heroic keys Razz but anm not really interested in kara, just want gruuls and a couple of others non attuned.\

i have a lvl 65 fire/arcane mage on this realm (name: Firage)

please ignore arena team lol, bad kinda stuff, i tried arena to soon, completely my fault. Also by the end of the easter holidays that will be updated and i will have a few more epix, probably over greens. another thing you should know about me is that i dont mind if i dont get into raids straight away, i would rather ahve some time to build knowlegde, if ye want me i will come but i dont mind being left out.

My goals in WOW? my god that is hard i am gonna have to think for this one, some nice gear would be nice (like raid gear) and just to meet new people that will help me and that i canhelp if needed. i have the folowing addons:

--AV Preform
--Threat meter
--DMG meter

all of these are useful in game obviously, threat meter is very nice in raids, means i never get aggro. Ventrilo, never heard of it, i will download as asked.

I use TS and skype btw and can mute myself if i feel a fit of foul language coming Cool but guys, i would really like to join ye, not for raids, just some new faces and raids are a biproduct lol....

if ye are interested please contact me ingame or leave me a reply on this fine website Smile thanks


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Re: Affliction Lock, lvl 70 ofc eager to join

Post  Demonshooter on Thu Mar 27, 2008 10:35 am

Dunno if we need any more locks for our guild, so thats up to da boss!!

Gl with application



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