Wanting to be one of a few good men :)

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Wanting to be one of a few good men :)

Post  Ziggsaro on Mon Mar 17, 2008 1:31 pm

Yo M8s!!
My name is Ziggsarof and Im a hunter. ("Hello Ziggsarof" xD)
I want to join this imba guild! Im a funny guy from sweden that has got raiding exp in kara, ZA and Gruul. Im SSC rdy and I wanna raid Smile I want be angry if I cant get a spot in raid, disappointed mot not angry Very Happy
I can take criticism good so if I do any thing wrong while raiding, I will fix it Smile I come from Shadowmoon where I was GM in the guild "Holy Angels Of Azeroth". HAOA raided Kara and we had alot of fun. Im a good friend of Rashjana in your guild.
ATM Im beast-marksman spec but I have been all hunter specs so if you want me to respec I will.
My gear is good and I have full epic, not only pvp Smile, and 1 part of T4. Im trying to farm money for enchants and scopes so Smile
Char link:
I might have PVP gear on but if you whisper me I will change.
I hope I can join this guild and raid and have fun with you Smile
Thank you for your time, I know you have alot of hunters but I hope I can be one of "A Few Good Men" Smile
/ Ziggsarof


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Re: Wanting to be one of a few good men :)

Post  Demonshooter on Fri Mar 21, 2008 3:53 am

Full for hunters atm sorry, we just recruited a Surv hunt, only class we needed! Bm, mm hunts where full already and with 4 active hunts we got more then enough!

Gl finding a guild that fits your needs!



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