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Post  Nervez, on Thu Mar 13, 2008 8:10 am

Character name: Nervez
Class: Hunter
Current/Preferred spec: Bm Mostly (41/20/0) (I have been MM aswell to test it out, but Bm is and stays my thing Razz
Profs: LW 375 / Skinning 375 (I can make a bunch of epic items including but not limited to Nethercleft Leg armor which adds 40 stamina and 12 agi to pants)
Attunements and keys: Kara, all heroics (and even molten core xD)

(I recently also received a new epic waist item, but the armory might not have been updated yet)

Nationality: The Netherlands ; Location: Sweden
Age: 16
Gender: Male
Attitude: Positive attitude all the time Very Happy (For the dutchies: Het glas is half vol lol)
Previous Experience: I'm on a number of sport teams, this makes me a team player Very Happy. WoW is the first MMO I ever played (although I did try Eve Online...but that doesn't compare to wow at all xD)

I am a mature player, disciplined, patient, and very respectful to guildies and otherwise. I love Pve and therefor always come online on time (If i am needed that is, and if i cant make it I would inform the guild beforehand). I also love helping other players.

Attendance and activity: Mondays - Fridays: After school (I would come online at around 16:00-16:30). Weekends: Varies (sometimes I will be able to play the whole weekend, and other times I might not come online at all ; or a bit of both). Also, I always come on time for raids (and will inform beforehand if I wont be able to make it on time)

Former guilds: Necrotic (I was Guild Leader), Whinning Wabbies (it got disbanded), Sparta (I was 2 ranks under Guild Master, but unfortunately, getting geared up took to long [15 wipes on Prince 1 day, and fewer but still a lot of wipes on other day). Even though I am a patient person, this was over the limit Sad.

Plans and goals in game: To become a developed player in all ways; gear wise, profession wise (learning more and more Lw patterns), etc. Also my goal is to level my (25) druid up to 70 (if this is relevant).

Whisper me in-game (or send an email to: ^^


P:S: sorry if the application is a bit long lol


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Armory Link

Post  Nervez, on Thu Mar 13, 2008 8:16 am

The armory didn't link before, so i hope it does now ^^. (If it doesn't link then just whisper me in-game and I can link my items to you if necessary)


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