arms/fury warrior

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arms/fury warrior

Post  SindŽnŪs on Thu Feb 14, 2008 1:51 am

Char Name: SindŽnŪs

Class: warrior

Spec: arms/fury

Previous game experience: eg: any pre-tbc raiding or tbc raiding: not much - want to gain it in your guild Smile

Any other characters: (also include level): 60 warrior (meant to be prot), 20 warlock

What is your prefered game style: (pve or pvp): pvp so far but the time has come and i have to try some more pve at last Smile

Armory link: click on this link, find your character, copy and paste the "url" here: cyclops

Attunments: (Karazhan, heroics etc): arca, working on kara atm, have 3 quests for 'champion of the naaru' title
That's the main reason i need a guild - it's hard to do these things when you have to look for ppl on trade channel Smile Also it's about that i need to need and be needed Smile

hope you won't get scared away by my gear Smile geek

your Sind I love you

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Re: arms/fury warrior

Post  Bh on Thu Feb 14, 2008 2:16 am

Hmm bit PVP but i think you'll do mighty fine!
get new wep fast tho:)
All can be worked on..
More exp n stuff
But ya seem fine by me

We got 2 dps warriors in raids atm i think so might be full but i wish you luck:)

<3 big bad (happy to be laggy) bear

I Tank 4 Food


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